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THE Nidec Arisa Servo press

The technical innovation, characteristic of the Spanish company Nidec ARISA and the quality standards, displayed over 75 years of corporate history, have determined Nidec ARISA’s election for the supply project of one of the world’s most singular installations. The most important novelties of this project lie firstly in the power of the press equipment to be installed, as it will reach 45,000KN Force, its dimensions, having more than 9 meters of die surface, and the power control and transmission, which will be performed by Servomotors. As if it were a Christmas gift, in December the first phase of the project will be completed with the delivery of this giant equipment at its final destination, in Bielefeld, Germany.

The needs in the printing processes involving the new materials with high tensile strength, and especially the differences of force between the first and subsequent forming stations, cause problems in the deformations of the transfer presses. This has different solutions, including the use of an individual press prior to the transfer press. The deformation processes (normally Deep drawing) that require high forces and decompensate the symmetry of the die loads would be conducted in this press. The disadvantage of this system would be a reduced performance due to the need to move the parts from one press to another.

Another possible solution would be to manufacture an asymmetric press in itself, making the deformations caused by these decompensated forces to be compensated for by the difference in the deformation of the press itself due to its asymmetry in structure. This solution would be feasible as long as the dimensions required for the die were such that a single carriage press could not be manufactured. In addition, this press would cause asymmetric deformations when working with dies with the distribution of cantered loads.

Nidec ARISA servopress

Nidec ARISA servopress

Therefore the technical solution chosen was to acquire a single press with two carriages and three uprights, capable of levelling the eccentric loads of the die, with sufficient useful die dimensions for the wide range of present and future work. The press should have servo drive, in order to obtain higher quality and thanks to its unique cutting-edge transfer process allows a top-performance production rate.

Its incredible dimensions are impressive at a glance. The installation will cover more than 37 meters in length, 20 in width, a height of almost 10 meters above ground and an underground depth of 6 meters. More than 1,350 t weight, a power of 9MW of Torque engines and 7MW of energy storage engines give us an idea of the capacity of this powerful installation.

The Servo press will be fed by means of a format destacker, with several loading stations for the convenience of the machine operators. A conveyor belt system will transport the formats through an oil-programmable band lubricator in order to work with the best oil for each job.

The cutting-edge transfer system will safely transport the formats through the successive die stations at an extremely high rate, while the press carriages will describe the programmed movement profile curve and will perform the required deformation of the material. The carriage movement programming will be aimed to obtain the highest quality work on the parts, the highest rate possible in conjunction with the transfer and the safest and most stable process in the die. All this Off-Line programming will be done through the „Optiservo“ Software developed by Nidec ARISA itself.

Aware of the importance for the ecosystem of the efficient use of energy resources, this press has a „Full Size Energy Management“ system that works through compensation engines, responsible for storing energy and transferring it to the Press as necessary.

A fully automated die change system, including change of references in the unstacker, will optimize the use of the production time of the installation and human resources of its handling.

All safety guarantees are combined in a single product, the largest Servo press known to date.

Gestamp, the perfect traveling companion.

One of the largest companies in the automotive sector worldwide is behind this innovative Project. The Spanish company Gestamp Automoción. This business group with about 100 production plants spread all over the world is the leading company in the design, development and manufacture of metallic components for automobiles. As said by the company itself, all their efforts are devoted to research and development of novelties to be at the forefront of the sector.

Gestamp Automocion strongly believed from the outset in this challenge, striving to make it real through a joint collaboration with Nidec ARISA. Gestamp and Nidec ARISA as a travel companions provide an extra advantage, being the leading companies in the production of heavy tonnage presses.

Both companies, Gestamp with its powerful project management team in Bielefeld (Germany) and Nidec ARISA from Logroño (Spain), were able to construct from the beginning a common idea that will conclude in the coming weeks and whose outcome will mark a milestone in the long history shared by both companies. The key to success for the culmination of this project is the joint work of both companies united by the same idea of making the best press possible.

The outcome of this adventure is exciting for both companies. On the one hand, for Nidec ARISA it has been quite a challenge; motivation and effort dedicated to continually improve and continue growing, and on the other, for Gestamp, it has meant an important step towards its leadership of its sector through the incorporation of cutting-edge machinery.

The relationship between Gestamp and Nidec ARISA goes back a long way. More than 100 presses and accessories have been supplied to the important Spanish group since its creation in 1997. But, in addition, this history goes back even further as other companies like Metalbages, now belonging to the Gestamp group, have ARISA presses in their production departments since the mid-60s. With presses supplied in Europe, Asia, Brazil and North America, the strong collaboration between these two companies extends worldwide.

This close relationship cannot be understood without analysing the vision of the future shared by both companies. They conceive a horizon full of challenges that will lead them to full development and growth within their different sectors. This way of seeing the future becomes essential in the fruitful relationship that both have shared over the past months of work and years of collaboration.

Nidec Corporation. 2+2=5

Almost a year ago, the Spanish company ARISA took a giant step towards globalization by joining the Japanese group NIDEC. This strengthened the philosophy prevailing in the Spanish company to join efforts that converge in synergies internationally. In this case ARISA was renamed Nidec ARISA and came to have partners in the manufacture of presses worldwide. Thanks to strategic partners such as Nidec MINSTER in the United States and Nidec KYORI in Japan, the group has strengthened its international presence in the press production sector.

The incorporation to this business group has meant for Nidec ARISA a major leap to globalization. The possibility of offering its customers a quality service anywhere in the world. This translates into new and exciting projects that reach Nidec ARISA from any country in the world.

For its part Nidec Corporation is passion, it is leadership, hard work and tenacity. Terms perfectly transferable to ARISA’s  more than 70 years of history and which also describe the exciting journey that began with Gestamp Automoción a few months ago and which is about to culminate in a 4,500 t servo press.

Taking as an example the words of Mr. Nagamori CEO of Nidec Corporation – ‚I’ll be president in the future‘ – we find a tribute to effort, sacrifice and achievement shares by all the stakeholders of this project.

This 4500 t Servo press has succeeding in bringing together opinions. For its creators Nidec ARISA, it is a project to be proud of, and for its recipients, Gestamp Automoción, it is a product that will enable its progress towards excellence in the automotive sector.

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