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Nidec ARISA is looking for educated, talented professionals to add to its current team and contribute to its growth.
We offer you the chance of furthering your career in an international environment.
Our talent management strategy is based on continuously training our staff.

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If you are currently studying and want to round out your education with actual experience, send us your CV.


If you are studying to get either a 3-year or a 5-year degree, send us your application and we will help you complete your education.


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Fundacion Pioneros

We are a socially responsible company

Before applying to work for our company you would not mind knowing that our surroundings and our legacy matters to us.

We care about our surroundings, what happens around us and the legacy we leave behind. This is why we collaborate with different organisations that work toward the employability of people with special needs. Thus, we would like our activity to have a positive impact on our immediate vicinity.

Arisa Fachada

Our facilities. We strive to have the smallest impact on our environment

Our facilities have been designed following the standards set by the Passive House Institution. When a building receives a Passive House certificate it means that it efficiently uses its internal resources to regulate its internal temperature and thus to keep the polluting emissions it releases into the atmosphere down to a minimum.

In addition, our facilities have been designed according to the principle of integration in their surroundings. In fact, they were painted in colours that resulted in a reduced visual impact.


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