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The management of the company  Arisa SA, dedicated to the design and manufacture of mechanical presses, servo presses and automatic peripherials, of medium and large tonnage, announced today its integration in Nidec Minster Corporation, American manufacturer of presses  over 110 years of history, part Nidec Group, a major global industrial holding into which also fall Japanese manufacturers as Shimpo  and Kyori.

Javier Martinez-Aldama, CEO of Arisa, said: “Establishing, as basic pillars, maintaining of activity in our region and the maintenance of the current employment structure, we believe that, this new stage in our history will assure us a human and financial support it will allow us to continue on the path of growth and global expansion began several years ago by Arisa, ensuring also that the standards of technological development, quality and service we have achieved throughout our 75 years of lonely career, will be increased in the future.

Arisa S.A. integration in a global framework such as that provided Nidec Minster Corporation will allow us to have Technical Assistance Service Centers distributed throughout the world, significantly improving our competitiveness in both markets with strong growth potential such as Asia or Nafta as for global competitors of a size several times larger than ours. ”

Nidec Minster Corporation is a world leader, in quality and service within the press manufacturers  for over than 100 years.

Logroño, 25 de Agosto de 2015



Javier Martínez-Aldama



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