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Press of 2500 ton loading in the Port to Mexico

S1010001_2Recently, we have finished the loading for the 2500 ton press in the port of Bilbao to Mexico. It was cloudy in that day as it used to be in northern in the port of Bilbao.

IMG_0852The entire weight of the press is around 800t, which is too heavy to be transported in only once time. Each of these components showed in the images weigh around 150 ton. Usually these are transported by sea and by land; both need special facilities for the weights and the dimensions of our machine.

20150325_085159The ship voyage will spends approximately one month until arriving on Veracruz, where is the destination for the unloading operation similar to this one. After that, it will be transported by land inside Mexico to the final destination of the customer factory. Our colleagues of Technical service will assemble and install the press in the customer factory.

IMG_0838This installation is for the blank production of AUDI.








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