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Tailored automation

Nidec ARISA provides tailored automation solutions. Our Engineering Department is capable of adapting to the most demanding situations, which always require an appropriate response.

Depending on the characteristics of the material, the weight of the coil, the width, the thickness, the rate of forward motion per stroke and the desired flatness, Nidec ARISA provides different solutions for optimizing the feed of material. Short lines, long lines, blank cut-to-length shears, movable elements.

By incrementally increasing their performance, we adjust our accessories, such as destackers, feeders, transfers, stackers and so on, so that they can withstand the high stresses of servo presses.

We have destackers for rectangular, trapezoidal, rhomboidal, circular or irregularly-shaped blanks according to the characteristics, shape and dimensions of the starting material. In addition, they are fitted with the necessary equipment for detecting and removing duplicated parts, lubricating, overturning, in-feed positioning and so on.

This set of belts has the dual purpose of:

  • Acting as a telescopic strip support to work with strip lines and guarantee stoppage precision.
  • Acting as a strip end system to utilize the strip end situated between the feed system and the die.

Their flexibility permits the following:

  • Fully programmable forward motion, opening and rising along the path and actuation angles for using dies of different sizes and in different quantities.
  • A wholly independent motion from that of the press and of variable speed, even with the press sitting idle.
  • Automatic bar changeover.

Production volumes are getting increasingly shorter. Arisa provides motor-driven, automatic and semi-automatic die changeover systems. To make the most of an installation, it is necessary for coil and die changeover times to be as short as possible.

  • Fast die centering: We can machine the bed so as to install centering bolts or any other centering system used by the client.
  • Fast die clamping: The equipment includes a dual hydraulic clamp circuit and all necessary safeties for the system not to inadvertently release the die.

Accessories for correct material deformation in case of cold working, for optimal material utilization, for large-size blank transferring, for special forming processes, and so on. We provide pneumatic cushions, hydraulic cushions, blanking systems, embossing lines, robotized stacking, destacking and transfer systems, micro-inching systems for die testing, feed robotized systems, special systems for impact damper integration, and so on.

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