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NIDEC ARISA, S.L.U. acknowledges that quality, the environment and occupational risk prevention are important in the design, manufacture and assembly of mechanical presses and their accessories.

NIDEC ARISA, S.L.U.’s Integrated System Policy is based on the involvement of all levels of the Company in the management of quality and environmental friendliness, starting with Management and reaching all people who work for the company. This strategic business vision, which is based on sustainable development and the context of the organisation, requires a certain level of commitment, involvement and perseverance.

NIDEC ARISA S.L.U. has taken the following decisions:
● To INTEGRATE the quality and environmental policy in its planning and decision-making processes.
● To seek optimisation in REQUIREMENT FULFILMENT and continuous improvement at the level of both quality and environmental performance at all levels of the organisation.
● To be COMMITTED to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the rational use of resources, reducing the generation of waste and making all its activities more and more environmentally friendly.
● To PROVIDE the Company and its employees with all necessary technical and human resources to assure the quality of the services it provides whilst protecting the environment.
● To INFORM all its clients, vendors and employees of this goal of improving quality and environmental friendliness to secure the participation, involvement and the commitment of all the parties.
● To create a WORK ENVIRONMENT that leads to the fostering of quality within the company, informing, training, raising the awareness of and motivating all staff and encouraging a form of teamwork that contributes to the professional and personal development of all its employees and allows it to achieve its goals.
● To strive to CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE, defining goals within the framework of its Integrated Management System that allow it to improve its efficiency and be more efficient in the use of resources.
● To PROVIDE a service of the utmost quality and environmental friendliness, achieving its own satisfaction and that of its clients and employees and greater prestige and penetration in the market.
● To BE BETTER ORGANISED and make better decisions in the internal management of the following areas: planning; the organisation of work; control; and increasing the speed of detection of deviations and the application of corrective actions.

The Management undertakes to continually review the Management System in order to guarantee its effectiveness and accepts responsibility for ensuring that the POLICY IS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC and is known, understood and applied by all its employees and all people who work on its behalf.

In order for the stated policy to be successful, NIDEC ARISA, S.L.U.’s Management motivates all employees and relies on their support and participation according to an individual and collective commitment, which guarantees the services it provides meet its clients’ requirements, whilst complying with all applicable environmental and occupational health and safety legislation, and ultimately its competitiveness.

31 December 2017

Approved by:
D. Javier Martínez Aldama – Manager