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Precision engineering
for the automotive industry

Arisa is Engineering. We are always looking for technically advanced, innovative solutions to meet the challenges the industry throws our way. The goal that drives us is to help our clients to produce more, faster and with more precision.

Personalizacion Proyectos

Project customization

We detect our client’s needs and based on those needs we study the options that are open to us to create a custom project.

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R&D Department

The key to coming up with advanced technical solutions is to have a group of qualified and trained professionals who are capable of making engineering essential part of each project. A powerful team of professionals is individually involved in each design. We also develop tools for optimizing processes, automating tasks and getting the most out of each project.



The experience we have gained throughout our 75+ years of existence is a precious asset for our clients. It allows us to come up with highly demanding procedures that contribute to maximizing the end quality of our products.


Optimization software

Thanks to our powerful team of engineers, we develop software that enables us to optimize our equipment.

Personalizacion Proyectos

Soluciones Standard

Basadas en más de 75 años de experiencia, las soluciones standard de nuestro producto ARISA son la base para la individualización de cada proyecto.

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