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Precision engineering for the automotive industry

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Equipo Joven Formado

Young, educated staff

Thanks to its young, dynamic and highly qualified staff – which is made up of people brimming with ideas, talent and experience, Nidec ARISA can provide precise, unique solutions.

Nidec ARISA puts its specialists in mechanics, electronics, hydraulics and automation at your disposal so that you may always find the solution that best suits your needs.

El Mejor Servicio

The best service at your disposal

We customize every project to the utmost degree.

Every order is unique. This is why we provide the best service from the outset of each project. We are aware that our end products are highly complex. Thus, we tackle every design and manufacturing project on an individual basis together with each client.


Tailored solutions

We are proud of the great adaptability of our machines – starting from standard designs.

It is also one of the secrets of our success.

Every project is different and we customize them to each client.

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80 years of experience
Historia Arisa

Our history

Arisa was founded in La Rioja in 1940 with the aim of manufacturing tins for the canning companies in the region.

The evolution of the market allowed Arisa to diversify and become an essential part of one of the industries behind European growth: the automotive industry. After 75+ years manufacturing presses and servo presses for the European automotive industry, we are a leading company in this sector.

Borders disappeared for Arisa after it became part the Nidec Group in 2015 – a leading business group in electric motor manufacturing. Today the company is present in all world markets.

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