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Arisa GS2 Servo Series

Productivity and flexibility with standard configuration

Nidec Press & Automation engineering teams localized on three different continents have jointly developed this product. The Arisa GS2 servo press can be produced globally at a very competitive price and with reduced delivery times. 

This product has been designed to be built at the NPA manufacturing facilities located in Europe, North America and China. Its standard configuration and the global production create a complete product that has the backing of Customer Service from Nidec Press & Automation locations around the world.

Main Characteristics

Its precision kinematics allow a faster system response and optimized production. Eccentric wheels with double helical gearing allows the softer performance and a better power transmission, resulting in more durability for the product. Its solid design also contributes to a longer product life.

Rated forces ranging from 3.150kN to 8.000kN.

Energy Management

Thanks to the Energy Management system that is built in Nidec ARISA presses, each torque program is evaluated in terms of output and energy consumption in order to offer the user a program that optimizes both

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