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Press lines

Robotised and hand-operated press lines

They are intended to deform large workpieces. They usually comprise four or five presses, arranged in line and fed by shuttles or robots that carry the pieces of pre-cut material, or blanks.

Nidec ARISA manufactures independent press lines, with a blank feeder at the head and robots for shuttling pieces between presses.

Transfer press line

Sometimes, the total length of the set of dies for making a part exceeds the maximum dimension of the press’ bed. For these cases, Arisa provides lines consisting of two transfer presses synchronised in speed and equipped with an inter-transfer device so that both machines may work simultaneously on the same workpiece or independently on different pieces.

The rated forces inside single-acting and double-acting main presses range from 12,500kN to 25,000kN. In the case of in-line presses, these forces can range from 5,000kN to 12,500kN.

There are different bed and slide dimensions for each group of pieces. The forces of the presses can also be adjusted to the production process.

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