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Blanking presses

Blanking presses

A blanking press is an installation that is used to cut irregularly shaped blanks from large coils, making the most of the material.

Blanking presses reach speeds of up to 90 gpm. These presses may include a standard eccentric drive, a special link drive for blanking or a servo drive to drive up production speed.

At the press’ exit, and due to the high rate of blank production, there is a system for carrying and stacking blanks on several mobile tables, which are fitted with devices for automatic stack changeover.

Blanking presses may also include the following:

  • A soundproof booth, given that high sound pressure levels are generated during the blanking process.
  • Scrap evacuation systems, with the appropriate chutes.
  • Automatic die changeover.
  • Swivelling blanking die.
  • Automatic clamps.
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