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Multipurpose presses


This kind of press is suitable for working with taller, moderately drawn workpieces. Its variable range of strokes – longer than in progressive die presses – allows transfers and feeders to be used depending on the workpiece to be machined.

These presses may be driven by either an eccentric drive or link-drive articulated levers, both with either a fixed or a variable stroke.

These presses are simultaneously equipped with electronic strip feed and transfer lines, with or without pre-cut blank feed devices. Thus, we can start with the process of deforming a piece with a progressive die and, once the piece has been removed from the strip, then either proceed with additional operations using the electronic transfer or work directly from stacks of pre-cut blanks.

These installations can also be equipped with cut-to-length shears, making them fully automatic.

These presses are capable of exerting rated forces ranging from 1,600kN to 30.000kN.
For every part to be made, the dimensions of the bed and the cart may vary, 2 or 4 cranks may be used, and different accessories may be needed to carry out and optimise the production process.

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