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Presses for progressive dies

Speed and efficiency

In progressive die presses, starting from a coil of material, a piece is formed inside the press and does not leave the strip until the last stroke. The installation consists of the press itself and a strip feed line, starting from a coil of material that moves through the installation. It includes an automatic stroke changeover system to better suit the required speeds and strokes.

This type of press is specially designed to withstand the offset stresses generated by the different operations of cutting, bending, drawing and the like.

Rated forces range from 1,600kN to 25,000kN.

Endless automation options

  • Long and short strip lines.
  • For working with steel, aluminium or stainless steel.
  • Fully programmable ARISA automatic feeders.
  • Automatic die changeover: faster insertion, centring and clamping by pushing a single button.
  • Eccentric drive or link drive, depending on the slide’s speed, with a fixed or variable stroke.
  • Strip feed systems that are configurable according to the material.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic cushions for optimal material forming.
  • Soundproof booths to bring the sound pressure levels down.

What do you get?

  • Uniformity in the quality of the produced parts.
  • Less waste of material.
  • Ideal for large production volumes.
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