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Presses for transfer dies

Precision in complex processes​

The main characteristic of transfer die presses is the transfer itself. As the central element of the installation, it carries the pieces between the different die forming stations. All operations are performed successively to produce a part, from a sheet-metal blank that has been previously cut or is cut during the die’s first operation.

This kind of press has been specifically designed to manufacture large volumes of parts where the use of progressive dies is advised against due to their complexity, the type of drawing and the wastage of raw material.

Link drive

Sometimes, a press’ drive consists in a set of articulated levers. Thanks to this system, a slow speed of descent in the working stroke can be achieved, which is then increased in the remainder of the cycle. It improves the ability of mechanical presses to perform drawing operations and increases performance.

Rated forces range from 1,600kN to 45.000kN.

We adapt our press to your process

  • Greater width between uprights.
  • Bed and slide widths and lengths according to the dies.
  • High-performance High Dynamic transfers for greater output.
  • Fully automatic changeover systems.
  • 100% ARISA engineering.
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