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Servo presses

Power and full speed control

One of the main characteristics of our servo presses is that, according to our process, the position and the speed of the slide are set by the machine’s control. This allows position and speed curves to be optimised according to the die, which results in a significant increase in output and part quality.

Thanks to their flexibility, these presses can operate with different strokes at different speeds. Thus, they are ideal for installations that require working with progressive and transfer dies.

ECO, Energy Management

Thanks to the Energy Management system that is built in Nidec ARISA presses, each torque program is evaluated in terms of output and energy consumption in order to propose the user a program that optimizes both. Rated forces range from 1,600kN to 45,000kN.

Industry 4.0

All our presses – our servo presses in particular – are monitored and prepared for the Industry 4.0 era.

Why servo?

  • Greater output
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Higher finished part quality
  • Less maintenance
  • Stable process
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